How To Learn To Play Football From Scratch - Beginner's Tutorial

How To Learn To Play Football From Scratch – Beginner’s Tutorial

Football … This word for many decades makes the hearts of hundreds of millions of people around the planet flutter with excitement. Like a powerful magnet, football attracts fans, forever captivating them with its unique beauty, entertainment and, of course, performance. No phenomenon in the modern world is capable of exerting such an influence on the masses as football. People may be poorly responsive to factors such as tax increases, price increases, delayed wages, shortages of goods, etc. NS. They can remain indifferent to the weather, parliamentary elections, scientific discoveries, or the next novel by a famous movie star. However, the departure of their favorite team from the Champions League, the defeat of their own national team in the World Cup match, or the ball into their own net in the last minutes of the decisive match for many are such a heartbreaking drama that no soap opera can convey. It no longer surprises anyone when, after such events, TVs are thrown out of windows in despair or heart attacks occur: football for many is no longer just a game.

How To Learn To Play Football From Scratch - Beginner's Tutorial

It is not surprising that many modern boys from early childhood want to learn how to play football. Fascinated by the unsurpassed technique of the great masters of the leather ball, conquered by their feints and forever captivated by this magnificent game, millions of children dream of going out on the emerald lawn and playing, playing, playing, enjoying the art called «His Majesty Football «. This book will help you master the wisdom of the world’s most popular game. After reading it and studying the attached video course, you will not only learn how to perform basic techniques (hitting the ball, heading, performing set positions, etc.). d.), but you will also learn what football tactics are, what are the specifics of players of different roles, how to prepare for entering the field, what the main football terms mean, and much more. Of course, you won’t be able to become the new Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lev Yashin or Steven Gerrard right after reading the book – for this you will need to put in a lot of effort and effort. However, the information received will be quite enough to start your triumphant ascent to the football Olympus. The book is accompanied by a CD with a video course, which is an organic addition to it. He will give you the opportunity to understand how to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

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