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a summary of kid items you will need

  • Sizes range from Junior or XL and fit waists ranging from 18″-64″ for complete versatility.
  • Even though she was like 3 at the time, she was chubby and I was supper skinny so her diapers actually fit me.
  • I have compared Cauliflower, Okra, Tomato, Grapes, Apples, Canola Oil, rice items that you like from Asian Grocery Stores, they are really cheap.
  • Designed to gently protect baby’s delicate skin, it’s our way of sending a Hug to welcome your little one to the world.
  • At the time, I wasn’t a regular Aldi shopper, and much preferred to get our groceries elsewhere.

I got so nervous and red and just grabbed the diaper and hid it. My mom didn’t really say anything but now she knows I have some sort of secret. She probably wondered where I put the diaper and WHY DOES MY SON HAVE A BABY DIAPER. Good thing is that it wasn’t used. Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

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I recorded the prices for 75 items from all over the store. I focused on foods that we regularly buy– pantry items, produce, refrigerated and frozen foods, and a handful of household goods too. A couple of years ago I put together a price comparison between Costco and Aldi because I was trying to decide if I should switch more of my shopping to the uber-popular Aldi. At the time, I wasn’t a regular Aldi shopper, and much preferred to get our groceries elsewhere. But, if I could be saving a considerable amount of money by shopping there, then I wanted to know.

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I had such an issue with the gel coming out the diaper with more expensive brands like Pampers — and even Sam’s Club! Whenever a tab broke on a diaper for our babies, I called the customer service number and usually received a coupon for a free package to replace the problem package. Customer service usually wanted some code numbers from the package so I had the package there when I called.

Before the pandemic you could do that here, unlike Aldi, but right now they’re emphasizing contactless payment. Just like Aldi, Save A Lot makes sure customers know exactly which name brands its own store brands are trying to imitate. Whether they taste similar, of course, is still up for debate — but you can check out our Aldi taste test here. Like Aldi, the Save A Lot I visited also requires shoppers to unlock shopping carts by inserting a quarter. Of course, that helps ensure their return, and allows workers to focus on stocking shelves or checking out customers instead of wrangling carts. Griffin says that not all Save A Lots have the quarter-for-a-cart system yet, but the company has gotten good feedback from those that do.

But both Swaddlers and Cruisers absorbed the second and third wettings extremely speedily—in less than 15 seconds, more than 10 seconds faster than the next fastest-absorbing diapers. Consultant Hanna and the experts who carried out the testing told us that Pampers’s speedy absorption is due to channeling beneath the topsheet, which draws and distributes the fluid quickly. The topsheets of Parent’s Choice and Up & Up diapers feel equally soft. Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers and Target’s Up & Up diapers look and feel similar. They both feature wetness indicators—the yellow strip on the front will turn blue when the diaper has been peed in. In total absorption, speed of absorption, and dryness, each performed as well as or better than diapers that cost much more.

Maybe you’re okay buying the produce, meat, and special buys, but buying those diapers and wipes freak you out a bit. Perhaps you think the diapers and wipes from Aldi are cheap and don’t have much quality. Here are 7 reasons to buy those Aldi Diapers & Wipes. My kids are at the point of their life where they prefer name-brand food for chips and snacks, so I usually go both places. In this blog post, I attempt to break down some of the most popular weekly grocery items at both stores.

Are Aldi Diapers Hypoallergenic?

If you have babies, or children that used to be babies, you know the importance of a good diaper. Well Aldi’s Little Journey diapers pretty much meet all of those standards, which is awesome. Tried to save a few dollars by purchasing the store brand of something, only to take it home and find out that it sucks.

Often times, people say that buying boxes of diapers in bulk is cheaper than buying multiple regular packages. I thought that it could depend but wanted to test my theory once and for all. As you can see, the Walmart and Aldi brand are the cheapest diapers with the Kroger brand closely behind.